Cool and unique wedding favors

5 Nov
What a neat favour, they can work with you to develop a custom flavor and match the personalized labels to your wedding colors! Isn’t that cool?

Here’s an idea for a global wedding favor ~ customized spice kits by Etsy seller PurposeDesign. You can have your name customized on the label and then choose from different world spice kits like Mexican, Thai, Italian, Southeast Asian.


Themed soap favors that are cute, clever and pair well with different wedding themes, including one for a beach wedding, a garden wedding and a vintage inspired wedding.  You can add your wedding logo which makes it even more personalized.

With the new trend of eco friendly products
why not give your guests personalized tote bags. 
They will be very useful as most stores now do not
provide bags when you purchase their products!
Have a special recipe for cookies or muffins, why not share it with your guests!
Very unique idea, why not have a photo booth at your recieving line!
Have your guests take one strip of pictures for themselves as favors and have them place another strip in a guest book, let them write some thoughfull words and it is a great memory keeper of your wedding day. courtesy of  

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