9 Sep
This is a ‘not to do’ list which is just as important as your ‘do’ list.
For easy reference, they are arranged in order as to when each item may fit into your preparations.
Don’t order the same number of wedding invitations as the number of guests on your list – those numbers won’t match. Couples should be sent only one invitation even though they count as two guests. Also, be sure to order a few extras to be safe.
Don’t omit from your invitation mailing list members of your wedding party, your parents and the officiator. Even though you know they will be attending, it is still proper to send them an invitation if only to be kept as a souvenir.
Don’t finalize your order until you have proofed everything several times and had someone else also thoroughly review all the information.
Don’t abbreviate words except for name titles such as Mr., Mrs., etc. Names of streets, cities and states should not be shortened but instead entirely spelled out.
Don’t include your gift registry information or monetary gift request on your invites. This type of information should be spread by word of mouth or you may want to include an insert listing your wedding website if you have created one. Websites are a great place to reveal that type of information to guests.
Don’t print the words ‘no children’ on the invitations even if that is your wish. Instead, the absense of the children’s names and the phrase ‘and family’ on the envelope should relay the message that they are not invited. You may want friends and family to spread the word about that detail as well.
Don’t insert items into the mailing envelopes until you have hand addressed them so you have a smooth writing surface and avoid making indentations on your invitations.
Don’t use printed mailing labels when it comes to addressing your invitation envelopes. Names and addresses should be handwritten according to etiquette and for a personal touch.
Don’t include on invitations for families any adult children living at home over the age of 18 since they should receive their own invite.
Don’t include response cards without first applying postage to their return envelopes. It’s a common courtesy so guests can easily mail them back.
Don’t send out your invitations without a return address which would prevent any undeliverable ones from being returned to you by the Post Office.
Don’t guess as to how much postage is needed for mailing your invites. Take one ready-to-mail invitation to the Post Office and have it weighed to know the correct amount for each.
Don’t overlook sending thank you notes to all those who attended, participated in your wedding or remembered you with a gift. Your thank you cards will be greatly appreciated.

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