tips for getting a perfect invitation

24 Jun

1. When consulting with your wedding invitation supplier be sure to address all your concerns up front, dont be afraid to share invitation ideas from other vendors that you might have visited. Most of the times I encourage couples to let me know what they like and dislike. Why waste time trying to create ideas to find out that this is not the direction that they wanted. It can be a frustrating issue for both couple and supplier.

2. Always order enough invitations, I have had far too many couples after getting their invitations saying that they need another 10 or 20 more. I hear stories of parents who start inviting people that they have not seen in years. This is a big no no in my books! I always say order the extra invites, it is cheaper in the long run. Remember that usually most suppliers will order enough stock to fulfill your order and you would hate to have to pay a premium to get more stock in.

3. Be sure to always check for spelling errors and make sure that all names, halls, and times are correct. I would suggest having 3 or 4 people look at it. It could be the smallest typo and you might never catch it but other eyes will! The last thing you would want to happen is have all your invitations in the mail and start reccieving phone calls with information of mispelled words or missing information

4. Consult your parents to see if they want their names on the invites, the trend recently is that most couples do the inviting but generally always want to include their parents in the equation. Be sure to ask them as you would hate to have an angry or upset parent find out that their names are not on the invite and they have already been PRINTED!

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